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There are lots of ways that you can support us in our quest to make Cambridge (and the UK) pesticide free.  First of all, please sign and share our petition to the City council, have a look at our individual campaigns page which outlines in more detail our work with the City and County councils to stop Local Authority use of herbicides in our green spaces, on our verges, roads and pavements, and also deals with our work with Cambridge schools, universities and businesses to get both herbicides and insecticides removed from these places. Up-to-date information about the progress of our individual campaigns can also be found on our Blog/News as well as our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

More information about how you can take action and help us achieve our goals of a pesticide-free planet can be found  on the following pages: 

Pesticide-Free Guide


Pesticide-free pledge

Raising awareness in your community



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