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PFC at Friends of the Earth re-declaration of the Rights of the Cam

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

On Tuesday 21 June 2022, to mark Midsummer's day, Friends of the Cam held their second Declaration of the Rights of the Cam event, a year on from their first Declaration. As a supporting group, Pesticide-Free Cambridge were in attendance with a stall. It was an amazing event featuring songs, poetry, speeches, drumming and artwork.

Friends of the Cam and Pesticide-Free Cambridge share a common goal in that we both demand an end to the pollution of our city's namesake river and our precious chalk streams. Chalk streams, globally, are very rare and Cambridge is lucky to have a chalk aquifer that both gives us our drinking water and feeds the Cam via the many tributaries. But this network of chalk streams and the river itself is being destroyed by over-abstraction to supply an unsustainable number of new homes, pollution from both fertilisers and both agricultural and urban pesticides, and sewage dumping by the water companies. It is literally a toxic mixture that is killing off a globally rare habitat, bleeding dry our water supply, harming wildlife, and threatening the health of people who live around it, or even punt, or swim in it. For more information, see

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