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PFC meetings with businesses and service providers

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

19 Oct 2022: PFC meeting with This Land

PFC (JS & BG) meeting with This Land to discuss ways of embedding pesticide-free management practices within their property development and contract-awarding policies, both for the sake of biodiversity and human health. Discussed health impacts of pesticides in housing both for the general public and those with allergies and heightened vulnerabilities, meaning that pesticide-free housing is also an essential health equality issue that This Land is keen to address. PFC to follow up with further information, case-studies and pesticide-free guidance.

20 July 2022: PFC visit to East Barnwell Health Centre

PFC (BG) visit to East Barnwell Health Centre to discuss OTVC and PFC issues. EBHC are very keen to improve the site for biodiversity and health. This would include going pesticide-free as long as effective alternatives were available. s A plan has been submitted to EBHC by OTVC regarding planting. PFC to share guidelines of alternatives to synthetic pesticides.

17 Sept 2021: PFC meeting with Cambridge Lawn Tennis club

PFC meeting with Cambridge Lawn Tennis club to discuss ways of working together to make the grounds pesticide free. We are in ongoing discussions as to best pesticide-free solutions for management of ‘weeds’ and moss on both grass and hard courts.

(details to follow)

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