Our group brings together individuals with experience, on a personal, professional, academic or activist level, with the long-term, and often intergenerational impacts of synthetic pesticide exposure. We work closely with fellow campaigners as well as a network of allied groups with whom we meet regularly and who share intersecting interests in improving the environment in which we live.

Please contact us if you'd like to work with us either as an individual or organisation.

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Core team



I am involved in research, activism and advocacy work surrounding the impact of pesticides on human health, biodiversity and climate change. I set up Pesticide-Free Cambridge in 2018 having previously joined PAN-UK's Pesticide-Free Towns (see campaign timeline here). This was further to more than 10 years of informal campaigning work in Cambridge surrounding both Local Authority and private use of herbicides and insecticides. In early 2020, I was lucky enough to join forces with Ben Greig who brings to the campaign his vital experience from On the Verge Cambridge. My academic research and teaching straddles archaeology, ecological public health, and global climate-change activism, while current projects include a book on the deep-history of nature, religion and society in South Asia, and a diachronic study of pesticides, toxicity and urban 'nature' in the UK.

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I’ve always been passionate about nature but a few years ago decided to become more pro- active and actually do something to arrest the catastrophic decline in wildlife all around us. In summer 2019 I helped set up On the Verge Cambridge, a small voluntary group doing pollinator-friendly planting around the city. This also opened my eyes to horrific herbicide spraying on the city’s verges. I emailed PAN-UK about their Pesticide-Free Towns campaign in early 2020 and they put me in touch with Julia: we’ve been working together since.


Advisory team

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