Waitrose's toxic gardening section: supermarkets need to stop normalising synthetic pesticides

Why is Waitrose still selling #pesticides when they made a big show of removing glyphosate from their shelves in 2016? The gardening section of the #Cambridge#Hauxton Road #Waitrose branch looks like this! Please write to your local supermarket to ask them to stop selling this stuff. The sale of #pesticides in #supermarkets normalises the association between gardening and toxic chemicals and the destruction of nature.. In the midst of our biodiversity crisis, we are witnessi

Herbicide spraying season has began in Cambridge

Prominent yellow strips like these ones on Perne/Mowbray road are appearing all over #Cambridge. Such signs of #glyphosate-based #herbicide spraying only show up 10-14 days after initial application. Because it takes a while for plants to die off, people are often unaware that spraying has taken place and this is doubly hazardous given the proven links between glyphosate and cancer, DNA alteration and endocrine disruption, as well as a host of chronic conditions including mi