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Herbicide spraying season has began in Cambridge

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Prominent yellow strips like these ones on Perne/Mowbray road are appearing all over #Cambridge. Such signs of #glyphosate-based #herbicide spraying only show up 10-14 days after initial application. Because it takes a while for plants to die off, people are often unaware that spraying has taken place and this is doubly hazardous given the proven links between glyphosate and cancer, DNA alteration and endocrine disruption, as well as a host of chronic conditions including migraines and autism. We have been asking the council for years to at least put up signage saying that spraying has taken place so that concerned members of the public can prevent their children and pets from interacting with these poisoned areas. Beautiful green verges that could be overflowing with wild grasses and spring flowers are reduced to ugly eyesores. Glyphosate-based weed control contributes to #biodiversity breakdown and chronic illness. It's time to stop this horrible practice now!

This season's #herbicide spraying all along the verges on Perne Road / Mowbray Road.

Pavement spraying on East Road Estate

Pavement spraying on East Road Estate

Thornton Road, Girton

Huntington Road, going out to the A14

Huntington Road, going out to the A14

Please support our campaign to make #Cambridge#pesticide-free and to get the council to fulfil its promise to stop spraying the city's streets, pavements and verges with glyphosate-based herbicides by emailing us on with photos of spraying in your part of the city and by signing and sharing our petition. The council declared a biodiversity emergency last year so why is it still spraying?

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