Waitrose's toxic gardening section: supermarkets need to stop normalising synthetic pesticides

Why is Waitrose still selling #pesticides when they made a big show of removing glyphosate from their shelves in 2016? The gardening section of the #Cambridge#Hauxton Road #Waitrose branch looks like this! Please write to your local supermarket to ask them to stop selling this stuff. The sale of #pesticides in #supermarkets normalises the association between gardening and toxic chemicals and the destruction of nature.. In the midst of our biodiversity crisis, we are witnessi

Seasonal aisle in Sainsbury's: chocolate eggs, santas and pesticides

What a reflection of the warped relationship between humans and 'nature' when the gardening shelves in supermarkets consist mainly of synthetic #insecticides and #herbicides. This is the 'seasonal' aisle in #Sainsbury's (#Eddington branch, #Cambridge) whose content rotates throughout the year as follows: 1. October-December: chocolate Santas and Christmas gifts. 2. Jan-March: chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies. 3. April-November: #PESTICIDES and other 'outdoor' equipment. How