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Seasonal aisle in Sainsbury's: chocolate eggs, santas and pesticides

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

What a reflection of the warped relationship between humans and 'nature' when the gardening shelves in supermarkets consist mainly of synthetic #insecticides and #herbicides.

This is the 'seasonal' aisle in #Sainsbury's (#Eddington branch, #Cambridge) whose content rotates throughout the year as follows:

1. October-December: chocolate Santas and Christmas gifts. 2. Jan-March: chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies. 3. April-November: #PESTICIDES and other 'outdoor' equipment.

How can the traditional cycle of seasonal festivities and rituals that mark the annual calendar have been reduced to this?!!

Selling pesticides in supermarkets helps to normalise the association between #gardening and chemicals. Please write to your local supermarket and ask them to follow the Coop's recent example of removing such products from their shelves in the interests of #biodiversity and health. For more information and for email templates, see

An added irony here of course being that Eddington is promoted as the 'sustainable' new area of Cambridge! Sadly has little impact on gardening practices if the marketing practices of the only shop in the area is anything to go by.

[JS @ PFC]

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