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PFC meeting with PAN-UK Pesticide-Free Towns team, 20 Dec 2021

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

PFC meeting with PAN-UK Pesticide-Free Towns campaign to discuss our recent FB post (2 Dec 2021) on PAN-UK's pesticide-free supermarkets campaign. We have now updated our post (see here) to clarify what we learnt from this very helpful meeting in terms of why only gardening chemicals were included in the supermarkets surveys. This is related to different labelling laws in the UK for 'plant protection chemicals' (ie those pesticides applied directly to plants, and generally sold in the gardening section of supermarkets), and all other household pesticides including insecticides such as ant powder and fly/wasp sprays which are listed under separate

Biocides labelling legislation, and thus need to be tackled through a separate PAN-UK campaign/survey.

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