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Cambridge Independent, 3 Feb 2022 (Paul Brackley): Two-ward Herbicide-Free Trials

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

"Herbicide-Free Trials to Begin in Two Wards", Cambridge Independent, by Paul Brackley

Cambridge Independent article on two-ward herbicide-free trials, and Council's Herbicide Reduction Plan discussed at Community and Environment Scrutiny Meeting on 27 Jan 2022 (Further background here). We're particularly happy that our calls to get operatives to wear full PPE (for those wards where spraying will continue), in light of the massive occupational injury payouts that have recently been awarded to glyphosate sprayers in the US, and as is the law, have finally been taken on board by Cambridge City Council. We've heard from campaigners in other areas that many councils are loathed to make their operatives wear full protective gear in case the residents get scared. But that's the point. People SHOULD be scared! We expect that the council will now receive many more enquiries from concerned residents who might not otherwise have noticed anything untoward, and the best thing is that council sprayers will finally be afforded protection from the toxins that they're spraying.

Online version here

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