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Cambridge Independent, 28 April 2022 (by Paul Brackley): Newnham Herbicide-Free trial issues

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

"Political row over herbicide spraying in Cambridge deepens", Cambridge Independent, By Paul Brackley

Updated version of print article (6/4/22) about herbicide spraying in the supposed herbicide-free ward of Newnham:

We take note in particular the shameful comments at the end which illustrate that one of the key problems here is in addressing dee-seated ignorance about the unique toxicity of synthetic pesticides that can never be compared with unhealthy food!

We also made the following comment on our facebook post here.

"Beyond the obvious political polemics in the run up to the local elections, we are glad that herbicide spraying schedules that we've been campaigning for over the last couple of years are finally online:
However, we are disappointed that there aren't more specific dates and times that residents can check against in order to be able to take proactive precautions against potential exposure to toxic herbicides, especially for those who have heightened vulnerabilities to pesticides.
We are also extremely disappointed that agreements made at our recent meeting with Cambridge City Council on 7/4/22 (summary to follow shortly) to avoid spraying during the most busy school drop-off/commuting period (8.00-9.00, and 15.00-16.00) have not been honoured. Just this morning, one of us here at Pesticide-Free Cambridge witnessed operatives spraying on the Coldham's Lane / Barnwell Road roundabout in Abbey ward at 8.00 am, ie, bang in the middle of the school commute, with large groups of children walking and cycling within cms of operatives spraying neurotoxic and carcinogenic chemicals on the pavement! We are making enquiries and will post an update here when we have more information."

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