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Cambridge Matters Magazine (Autumn 2022): piece on Herbicide Reduction Plan and Happy Bee Streets

News in the autumn 2022 edition of Cambridge Matters Magazine about collaborative initiatives between Cambridge City Council and Pesticide-Free Cambridge which compliment the wildflower meadow planting projects of our partner group On the Verge Cambridge, also covered on the same page. Centring on the council's Herbicide Reduction Scheme, introduced in July 2021, key developments include:

-Two-ward herbicide-free trial in Newnham and Arbury during Spring 2022 which will hopefully be rolled out across the city by the end of this year. -Commitment to avoid spraying during school commute times. -Happy Bee Streets community adoption scheme. -Commitment to manage verges and areas around trees without the use of herbicides.

Our campaign is now focusing on schools, colleges, service providers, and above all, residents, calling on them to eliminate synthetic pesticides from both indoor and outdoor environments in order to compliment these important first steps towards making Cambridge a truly pesticide-free city, in the interests of biodiversity, public health and disability access rights.

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