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PFC talk to PAN-UK Pesticide-Free Towns group, 23 Nov 2021

PFC gave an illustrated presentation at PAN UK Pesticide-Free Towns Campaigners' Catchup meeting. We discussed the importance of reaching out to local groups which can support others' campaigns, such as environmental initiatives, friends of parks or other spaces, parent groups, as well as land managers. We also highlighted the key opportunity that is linking up with other local Pesticide-FreeTowns campaigns, universities, and councillors which might champion the issue. We highlighted the importance also of non plant protection chemicals such as insecticide powders which are frequently used in schools as well as members of the public, often on public pavements and streets. We also introduced our new project on pesticides and urban nature that is being run in collaboration with UCL. We also heard updates from Pesticide-Free Essex, and engaged in some really interesting discussion towards the end of the session (with further discussion continuing by email after the event).

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