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Our petition to make Cambridge pesticide-free has 388 signatures!

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

Many thanks to everyone who has signed and shared our petition to make #Cambridge#pesticide free. We now have 388 signatures but still need your support to reach 500 in order for our demands to be formally discussed by the Cambridge City Council. Now that the local elections are over, please help us to get the Labour-led council to stick to its manifesto promise to make Cambridge a pesticide-free city.

The signs of the first of the bi-annual blanket spraying season are now showing up all over the city despite having been told by the Council for the last year that they are 'just about' to stop doing this. Many grassy verges bear the familiar ugly yellow strip attesting to glyphosate spraying 10-14 days ago, while plants growing in gutters and pavements, as well as plants in bordering gardens / yards show the familiar yellow splurge.. Not a pretty look, bad for everyone's health, and flies in the face of the Council's 2019 declaration of a #biodiversity crisis.

Council spraying doesn't only happen on verges. Blanket herbicide treatment is also applied to every gutter, and pavement, often resulting in die off of grass and flowers in adjoining private gardens as you can see in the photo below. Please get in touch with us and send photos to let us know if Council spraying has caused damage to your garden or to your health.

If you're a Cambridge resident, please sign our petition and share widely if you haven't done so already.

Follow us on our social media pages where you'll find updates about spraying in different areas of the city

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