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Poems, artwork and other creative offerings on pesticides, ecology and human health

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Here we feature artwork, poetry and creative writing on the theme of pesticides, ecology and human health. Please contact us on if you'd like to share your creative work for inclusion on this blog as well as our Facebook page.

4 June 2021

Ghost Pram, by Nicky Hallows (Burwell, Cambridge)

Nicky sent us this photo of 'Ghost Pram' which formed part of an Extinction Rebellion Cambridge action. The accompanying notice says:

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors

We borrow it from our children

Protect nature and nature will protect us"

Ghost Pram, photo by Nicky Hallows

This message fits well with the findings of exposome and epigenetics research which informs our pesticide-free campaign; that is that as we alter our environment through the application of synthetic chemicals, it too is altering human and non-human animals at an intergenerational level through epigenetic, genetic and endocrine disruption, and that any healing of the human body needs to go hand in hand with healing of the environment. For more information on epigenetics, ecological public health and exposome research, see our main website here.

29 May 2021

Weedkiller, by Hannah Charlotte Copley

Thank you so much to Cambridge poet, Hannah Charlotte Copley, for sending us her poem, entitled Weedkiller, and accompanying photo on the devastating impact of herbicides on our precious urban wildlife.

Someone decided one day, Plants should not grow here, Grass had committed the sin, Of looking untidy, of growing too tall, For plants had not realised, This is a place only for people.

So onto it the killer was sprayed, Until the bodies of the grass rained down, And with them the insects too, The ants retreat to their colonies, Too weak to raise the alarm, And so they lay, Defeated.

Weedkiller, photo by Hannah Charlotte Copley

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