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Reporting irresponsible pesticide use

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Irresponsible use of urban pesticides - in public street/pavements, private gardens, schools or hospitals- should be reported to the relevant authority. For details of who to report to, see the tables copied here from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) webpage

Private and professional applications of pesticides that threaten others' health, ie spraying without regard to wind/rain conditions (spraying should never be done when it's raining or in high winds) and to passersby should be reported directly to the HSE. Link to form here:

Different agencies are responsible for incidents that impact on environment and wildlife. But since all three (human health, environment and wildlife) are interlinked, we'd advise reporting to all three agencies.

We have received two irresponsible spraying reports in the last week involving insecticide spray applications on hedges outside private properties in Cambridge, that have caused direct exposure through drift to pedestrians on the pavement (one of these involved a well known 'bug killer' brand whose name we won't mention so as to avoid inadvertent free advertising, but contact us if you want details). Absolutely shocking given that we are in the middle of a climate and biodiversity emergency and that this is the main nesting season for our increasingly vulnerable bird population. In both instances we advised that reports are made to the HSE and Environment Agency.

Note that the information on the first table is wrong (all incidents should be reported using the online form linked above and via the link given below the telephone number).

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