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Wasps are not useless! Please don't poison them.

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

Recent research demonstrates without a doubt that wasps are as essential to #biodiversity as #bees are. Unfortunately for the #wasps, as well as other crucial and harmless insects such as #ants and #moths, we are now entering the UK's main #insecticide 'spraying season'. What can be done to protect these precious pollinators?

Every time I enter a supermarket, I notice that the shelf containing wasp and ant spray has been restocked. Please check out our website for ways that you can help us to raise awareness about the harm that such products (many of them containing highly toxic pyrethroids or carbamates) do the environment as well as to human health.

You can also help raise awareness by reminding people that insects are an essential part of our biodiverse world. Wasps and moths are just as important as pollinators as are bees. Spiders play a crucial role in indoor ecosystems too! It’s important to think carefully before killing insects, and even more carefully before you risk polluting the world around you for the sake of a few unwanted visitors.

Please don't spray wasps with insecticides. There are lots of safer ways to deal with wasps and wasp nests that don't involve poisoning people and the environment.

See here for non-toxic ways to remove wasps and wasp nests:

See our website for other non-toxic insect control suggestions.

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which was inspired by the above-cited Guardian article (29 April 2021)

[JS @ PFC]

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