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We need wasps

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Wonderful article on wasps. We need wasps as much as we need bees and other pollinators and essential creatures that humans have been busy killing and poisoning for far too long. Only yesterday in the supermarket I saw a young guy stocking up on wasp spray to add to the mess our planet is in. Unless we change our attitudes to nature, and overcome the deep seated fear of insects, we are basically doomed.

But beyond the biodiversity arguments for not killing wasps, the article's message is simple:

"Wasps ...are... just a slightly smaller version of us, so whatever rules you apply for behaving in a civilised manner with other humans, you should apply them to wasps too".

To comment, see original FB post -[0]=AZXY9eP_2T1NRCjfCAK1GrEp6m5-iNtknxvFbccUlrG-EBuQQ86FWAkiyhm9zcSnPrpedCG_rrzgzVGj8DCPurMmjVQmTdFh7OEGFHK-pqBZjSOR2ZlXmg4XTi6VfxCmJOLs82A0KJx6RtVHmDUrjMecyo0ictvOTP-bHVhnIdLMhytHK7zb7P47_eQ61-YjgNQ&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

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